Privacy Policy for "Touch Racer" application on Google Play Store (
	"Touch racer" app sends to the server and store on server some information about user actions in an app. 
	The most sensitive parts of this information are:
	1. IP address of the user;
	2. "user agent" of webview browser (which may include Android OS version, smartphone model, webview version);
	3. special random generated (at first launch of an app) unique string, which help developer to connect all user actions with an actual user, if he changes an IP address;
	Apart from that this information includes:
	1. user actions such as opening settings page, game page, help page in an app;
	2. opening "bluetooth", "wi-fi", "usb" connection tabs;
	3. attempts to connect to PC server application and results of that attempts (fail or success);
	4. opening and closing the app;
	All data is sended via https protocol.
	The goal of sending and keeping this data is to help deleloper to analize bugs, errors and not optimal behavior in an app.
	Developer doesn't share this data with anyone else.
	Also user can disable sending almost all of this data by turning off the option "Send anonymous user statistics to the developers" in an app settings.
	After that connections with the internet (developer server) are reduced to loading URLs with user instructions (which user sees in the app pages) in a webview. 
	But still webview "user agent", IP address, and those random generated unique string will be sending and storing into server (it is part of webview URL requests).
	If user wants to remove all data connected with him from the developer server, he can make a request vie e-mail and provide his IP address (otherwise there is no way for developer to identify his data on server), 
	and then he shouldn't use the app anymore.

	The one and only person having access to this data is Vasiliy Shirkin, the owner and developer of the app. 
	You can contact me regarding this document or with any question about the app through an e-mail: